Wechahi's artworks have been acquired by National, International Museums & public places since 1961;

National and International Museums that acquired the Artist Works:

  • Modern Art Museum, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Faculty, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Contemporary Fine Arts Museum, Ibiza, Spain.
  • Modern Art Museum, Open Air, Pegani Foundation, Legnano, Milano, Italy
  • Military Museum, The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Mahmoud Said Museum, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Faculty, El-Menia Univerity, El-Menia, Egypt.
  • Museum of Denshewai, El-Menoufia, Egypt.
  • Aswan sculpture Museum '' open air '', Aswan, Egypt.

Public places in Egypt, Spain, Italy and France that acquired the Artist Works:

  • Egyptian Embassy in Paris, Paris, France.
  • Monument (Al Labrador), Alginet, Valencia, Spain.
  • Egyptian Academy, Rome, Italy.
  • Spanish Olympic Committee, Madrid, Spain.
  • Spanish Real Federation de football (Real Madrid Club), Madrid, Spain
  • Financial club de Genoia, Madrid, Spain.
  • Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Cairo Underground, Gamal Abdel-Nasser Station, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Panorama October, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Dar Al-Ahram Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Cairo International Conference Center, Cairo, Egypt.

His works were also acquired by art collectors in Egypt, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, U.S.A and Latin America.