Wechahi’s works of art have persuaded us with his artistic potentials

Wechahi’s works of art have persuaded us with his artistic potentials, through which we become acquainted with freedom of expression and the solemnity of a progressive quest. His talent is a silent whisper breathed into the lungs of art that is revivable and is constantly open to new artistic acquisitions.

His works of art reflect the intensity of his talent, the modernity of his skill, and the aptitude of his techniques, which all exhibit astounding beauty amounting to the sublimity of poetry. Wechahi’s mastery is manifested in his aptitude to subdue any material and to produce the sold, the firm in shape and the hollow.

In his works, Wechahi is bearing witness to a reality abounding with vitality, expressiveness and symbolism; thus, exhibiting his readiness to accept alterations in the shape of life. Magnificent is the harmony between the aptitude of techniques and the vividness of artistic values; the balanced equation of form and motion in any bloc. In my opinion, Wechahi’s works can be categorized among the most pioneering masterpieces that have revolutionized art in our age.

Gaetano Landolina

Cesena, Italy, December 1972