Wechahi acquired several national & international awards & recognitions from Egypt, Italy & Spain in appreciation of his contribution in the art movement for over 50 years;

  • First Award, Sculpture, Cairo Salon, Cairo, Egypt, 1961.

  • Third Award, Sculpture, Alexandria International Biennale for Mediterranean countries, Alexandria, Egypt, 1964.

  • Second Award, Sculpture, International Biennale, Ibiza, Spain, 1966.

  • Golden medal, Sculpture,  National Art Exhibition, Cesena, Italy, 1972.

  • International Sports Biennale Award, Ibiza, Spain, 1975.

  • Spanish Olympic Award, Sculpture, International Sports Biennale of Fine Arts, Madrid, Spain, 1977.

  • First Award, National Sculpture Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 1981.

  • National State Award in Sculpture, Cairo Egypt, 1981.

  • First Grade State Insignia of Science and Arts, Cairo, Egypt, 1981.

  • Sculpture Award, Open Air, Space of Opera House, Cairo, Egypt, 1990.

  • Selected as International Intellectual for the year 2001, International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

  • Guest of honor on the occasion of the faculty of fine arts Centennial ceremony, Cairo Opera Houe, Cairo, Egypt, 2008.

  • National State Esteemed Award in Arts, Cairo, Egypt,2012