El-Wechahi will never recur

El-Wechahi..will never recur , an Artist that will never recur. Imagination goes beyond the universe creating amazing world which takes the meditating person to its ambience. A cheerful relation made intentionally by the competent creative artist with no stilted or artificial form.

The recipient is mystified when the artist attracts him to the deep fantasy formations emerged from the real world combined with the flying imagination. Wechahi was concealing his world secrets disclosing them only through results, through what has been achieved eventually.

The previous stages are still flying in a mysterious world, which needs to the recipient flying imagination to reach a part of this dreamy imagination charged with violence at the same time. The artist is an unforgettable mark immortalized over days, years and generations.

When you visit museums, you live its spaciousness. It fascinates visitors, follows them, tickles their feelings, and takes them to an enchanted world. The authenticity of this creation increases over time exactly like Pharaohs, his ancestors, masterpieces that considered one of the wonders of the world and their light never fades. The sketch or “the skizze” are all names to one meaning, the direct first and live «pulse» of the artist’s touch that is parallel to the moment of the immediate impression.

The first attracting touch is often given the feeling of dazzling attracting light spot that attracts the feelings and conscience of the sensitive recipient.

Kamal Al-Gwali

Head of the Egyptian Society of Art Critics, Cairo, Egypt, May 2014