Wechahi's artworks participated in several national & international exhibitions since 1959;

Represented Egypt in several international exhibitions in Egypt, UAE, Europe, U.S.A and Latin America:

  • The International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt, 1961, 1963, 1979.

  • The International Biennale, Ibiza, Spain, 1966.

  • III, V, VI International Biennale of sport in Fine Arts, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, 1971, 1975, 1977.

  • The International Biennale, Venice, Italy, 1980.

  • Exhibition and Conference of International Sculpture, Oakland, San Francisco, U.S.A,1982.

  • II International Biennale, Cairo, Egypt, 1986.

  • IV International Biennale, Havana, Cuba, 1991. 

  • Exhibition of Contemporary Egyptian Art, ''Centro de Estudios Juan de Mariana'' Toledo, Spain, 2005.

  • ​·  Art Dubai Modern, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 2017

National and International Sculpture Exhibitions, Spain, Italy and France:

  • Salon of Cairo ince 1959 .

  • IV Bienal International of Paris, France, 1965.

  • Salon of Autumn, Madrid, Spain 1967.

  • II, III National Exhibition (Sculpture in Metal) Valencia, Spain, 1970, 1971.

  • VII, VIII International Exhibition, open air, Museum of Modern Art, Legnano, Milano, Italy, 1971, 1972.

  • National Exhibition for (Grand Premio), Spanish Sculptors,'' Cerculo de Belles Artes'', selected to exhibit out of the concours, 1977.

  • Salon of Paris, Modern Sculpture, open air, Champs-Elysées Gardens, Paris, France personal invitation, 1978.

  • Medals Expositions (Tomas Francisco Prize), Madrid, Spain, 1976.

  • 13th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium 2008 .

Personal invitations to one man show in Egypt, Italy and Spain since 1970:

  • Gallery Regnoni Cesena, Italy 1972.

  • Gallery Gardinia Club, Bologna, Italy, 1973.

  • Gallery Culture Center, Ibro Americano, Madrid, Spain, 1978.

  • Gallery Genoi Financial Club, Madrid, Spain, 1978.

  • Gallery Anito Politano-Stickle, Cairo, Egypt, 1982.

  • A retrospective, Ofok Gallery, Mahmoud Khalil Museum, Cairo, Egypt, May 2014.

Personal invitations in Egypt – 2001 till present:

  • 27th National exhibition for fine arts at the arts palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2001.

  • Panorama of 20th century Egyptian Art, Bibliotheca Alexandrina 100 years 100 Artists- 100 artworks, Alexandria, Egypt, 2003 .

  • Egypt salon 1st session at the main hall of prince Taz Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2007.

  • Exhibition faculty of fine arts centennial at Arts Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2008.

  • Faces collective exhibition at Offok Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Cairo, Egypt, 2009.

  • Panorama of Egyptian sculpture collective exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2009.

  • The woman in fine arts, main hall at prince Taz Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2010.

  • Picasso gallery, collective exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 2011.

  • Intersection, Gallery Misr, Cairo, Egypt, October 2014.
  • Selections from Bibliotheca Alexandrina Art collection, Alexandria, April 2017